Employee of the year 2022

Cast your vote today!

For the first time, EbonyLife Place will reward an employee for their outstanding service in the past calendar year. Each of the eligible candidates has won Employee of the Month for their department at least once, in order to be considered. The winner of this overall title will be the person who receives the most points from votes cast by their fellow employees. 

Please score the candidates below in the different categories shown below. You can select just one candidate or as many as you are able to score honestly. If you do not know anything about a candidate’s performance, please do not enter any scores for them. 

Please note, the voting link and password are not to be shared with anyone outside the organization.

Thanks very much for your participation. Voting closes on 28 February 2023. The winner will be announced in early March. 

Cecelia Offum - Turaka
Cecelia Offum
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Michael Udoh - Turaka
Michael Udoh
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Michael Udoh - Turaka
Juliet Onyemaobi
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Raymond Ohaeri - Turaka
Raymond Ohaeri
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Amarachi Ogburie - Cinema
Amarachi Ogburie
Cinema Operations Team Member
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Victor Ekpei - Cinema
Victor Ekpei
Cinema Operations Team Member
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Jessica Andy - Cinema
Jessica Andy
Cinema Operations Team Member
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Samson Akinsanya -Cinema
Samson Akinsanya
Cinema Operarions Team Member
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Godwin Idalu - Maintenance
Godwin Idalu
Plumbing Technician
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Seun Adelusi
Seun Adelusi
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Daniel Akpan
Daniel Akpan
Sous Chef
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Chisom Kalu
Chisom Kalu
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Gideon Angelo
Gideon Angelo
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Innocent Odogwu
Innocent Odogwu
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Moses Ogbewu
Moses Ogbewu
Kitchen Assistant
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Kehinde Adebayo
Kehinde Adebayo
AC Technician
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[ays_poll id=156]
[ays_poll id=157]
[ays_poll id=158]
[ays_poll id=166]
Khadijat Reis
Khadijat Reis
Senior Chef de Partie
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[ays_poll id=161]
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Olawale Alawode
Olawale Alawode
Front Desk Assistant
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Olawale Yusuf
Olawale Yusuf
Electrical Technician
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Promise Eyiemba
Promise Eyiemba
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Moses Ekefre
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Momoh Zuh Nurayn - AC Texhnician
Momoh Zuh Nurayn
AC Technician
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[ays_poll id=203]
[ays_poll id=204]
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[ays_poll id=207]
Thelma Ita
Thelma Ita
Front Desk Assistant
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[ays_poll id=210]
[ays_poll id=211]
[ays_poll id=212]
[ays_poll id=213]
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[ays_poll id=215]
Michael Okafor - Waiter
Michael Okafor
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[ays_poll id=219]
[ays_poll id=220]
[ays_poll id=221]
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Precious John -Cinema Operations Team Member
Precious John
Cinema Operations Team Member
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[ays_poll id=228]
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Aniekeme Etuk - Kitchen Assistant
Aniekeme Etuk
Kitchen Assistant
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Amaka Ihechukwu - Restaurant Supervisor
Amaka Ihechukwu
Restaurant Supervisor
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Elvis Chukwuka Front Desk Assistant
Elvis Chukwuka
Front Desk Assistant
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[ays_poll id=251]
[ays_poll id=252]
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[ays_poll id=255]
Abidemi Odeleye - Cinema Operations Team Member
Abidemi Odeleye
Cinema Operations Team Member
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[ays_poll id=259]
[ays_poll id=260]
[ays_poll id=261]
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[ays_poll id=263]
Wilfried Agbamou - Commis Chef
Wilfried Agbamou
Commis Chef
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[ays_poll id=268]
[ays_poll id=269]
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Clara Enoh - Cashier
Clara Enoh
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